I have only lived in Australia. In fact, I have only lived on the east coast of Australia. Would you believe it if I said I have only lived in homes where I could always walk to the beach? Ok, sometimes a long walk :)

There are all sorts of people on this planet. Living in a large metro city like Sydney allows you to meet all sorts of people. We are an international city. All sorts of nationalities. All sorts of languages. All sorts of thoughts.

It’s these thoughts that make us different. Oh, so different. What do you do when one person thinks and behaves so different from the next person? Well, in a large city you just ignore them. That’s why our neighbours are not always our friends.

What about in a church? What about on a team in a church? What about in business or the sports field or having to work together for a common good?

We are only one week into planting Revitalise Church and already, we have met all sorts of people. Jules and I can see there are people with very different personalities. And we are excited. Why? Because it’s our differences that allow for a unique blend of who God wants us to be.

We are only better together if we truly believe we can all be ourselves, our best selves.

I am probably going to think different to you. You might have some really great ideas that challenge the comfort of another person on team. But together we are the ones God is bringing together to Revitalise the land.

We are all sorts!

Joel A’Bell