Just saying the word REVITALISE feels like taking a big deep breath, that fills your lungs and enables you to do whatever is in your hand and heart.

Revitalise just felt so right.

We knew the Lord was leading us to plant a church in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. His leading was both vague and specific. Specific, that we knew the direction we were headed... vague with all the smaller details along the way. Ha... isn’t that always the way. Head in the general direction, one step and day at a time and he will make things clear as you move.

So what would we name our new local Church? We came up with a myriad of names from the sublime to the ridiculous. Let’s just say over a period of about a month we laughed a lot as we imagined how each name may be perceived in our community.

And then REVITALISE!!! A word that we have spoken over our nation for years. We had even made Christmas presents a few years ago that said, “Revitalise the land, settle in desolate cities.” In hindsight, that was a weird kind of present with a bizarre message?!?!  Little did we know that God was birthing something deeper in us for a season to be determined by Him. And now we find ourselves running with faith into our new season.

As we said the name REVITALISE, it was met with a resounding YESSSS from our family. You know that moment, you stop doing what you were doing, look up, smile and nod slowly but confidently?!! That was the moment.

Revitalise means to INSPIRE SOMETHING WITH NEW LIFE AND VITALITY. Wow... isn’t this what the Gospel does?! Isn’t this exactly why Jesus came?! So it made sense... it made sense in relation to Who we represent (Jesus) and to the kind of wholistic life we are believing for the individuals, couples and families of The Shire, Australia & beyond (‘beyond’ because God loves all people, everywhere).

Since that initial moment of blurting out the name REVITALISE there are many nights we have woken as God continually seeds vision in our hearts for the days to come.

For the children. For the young people. For the young adults & young married. For those embarking on a new journey or transitioning through a valley. For the mature believer, to those yet to know. For the elderly and the wild at heart to the wise and those who are living the reality of unwise choices... we are believing for NEW LIFE AND VITALITY in Jesus name.

However you may cross paths with Revitalise... our prayer is the residue that remains, is the love and hope that is found in Jesus.

Welcome to REVITALISE. Our local church!

“God will continually revitalise you, implanting within you the passion to do what pleases him.”

Philippians 2:13 TPT

Revitalise... Our Local Church

With love & expectation,
Joel & Jules

Joel & Julia A'Bell