How easy is it to walk past something that looks disgusting (like this left over Maccas mess from the night before), comment about it and keep walking!?!

That’s what Joel and I did this morning. We are in Canberra visiting with a great Church and were on our way to look for a good morning coffee and walked around this mess and commented how awful it made an otherwise clean street look.

On our way back, the mess was still there! So, we decided to clean it up. It took 60 seconds (plus washing our hands 🤗) and the community looked a little better again. We didn’t do it for some kind of recognition (Ha... there was absolutely no one watching). We did it to make the community, we are a part of, a little more liveable and aesthetically respectable again.

How often do we have the opportunity to make such a practical and obvious change and decide to leave it for someone else?!

My challenge to all of us is this... what small or significant change could we make to our environment or the people we encounter if we simply gave the moment 60 seconds.


Julia A'Bell

Julia A'Bell