Until you see it first hand, it’s hard to believe it could be this bad. It is! 

 Drought in Australia is defined by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as rainfall over a three-month period being in the lowest decile of what has been recorded for that region in the past.

Bureau of Meteorology records since the 1860s show that a ‘severe’ drought has occurred in Australia, on average every 18 years. The worst droughts to affect the country occurred in the 21st century - between the years 2003 to 2012, and 2017 to current. 

 The current drought we are experiencing as a nation, affects our farmers, their families, our farming communities and their economies, mental and relational health and ultimately our nation. 

Joel and I have taken the stance that this is our nation therefore this drought is our problem. It’s so easy, at times, in city and coastal areas to live oblivious to the very real problems our rural, regional and outback Australians are facing. Rising debt, marriage breakdown, mental health, stress and even suicide are just some of the results of this drought. 

Joel and I have made three significant trips out west [as we live on the east coast] to see what we might be able to do.

7 May 2019: QLD Bongeen & Cecil Plains [just past Toowoomba] with Denis & Rose Woolridge, Bush Chaplains and Aussie farmers. We took this trip with Sue Mulhare who is pastoring a great ACC church alongside her husband Chris in Toowoomba. 

17 May 2019: NSW Broken Hill & Wilcannia with Dave Jackson ‘JACKO’ [Bush Chaplain & truck owner] and Caleb and Renee Dwyer & [NSW ACC regional leaders]. 

9 September 2019: NSW Dubbo out to Walgett & Come By Chance [some of the worst affected areas in NSW] with ‘JACKO’ and a 3 people delegation from Convoy of Hope and a brilliant photographer, Andy James. 

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based humanitarian organisation that helps empower others to live independent lives free from poverty, disease and hunger. Convoy’s attention include response to natural disasters

 In the words of Denis [QLD] there is something everybody can do to help with this drought:

Start by caring. 

Joel and I decided that this is not a farmers problem, this is also our problem. Our nation. Our problem. 

Let the farmers know we care. If you know a farmer, contact them and encourage them. Care goes a long way. 

Pray for rain. Pray for strength. Pray for families and communities affected by the drought. Our prayers are powerful. 

Give to reputable ‘support networks and organisations’ that are getting finances to farmers and their communities where it is most needed. 

Convoy of Hope in Australia will ensure that giving gets to those affected by the drought in the way of much needed hay, water and A Day of Hope festival, bringing HOPE in the midst of devastation. 

4. GO
Convoy of Hope in Australia are looking to do a ‘Day of Hope’ by partnering with local churches everywhere who are willing to financially contribute and take a community festival into the worst affected areas. A Day of Hope would involve delivering much needed hay (the last delivery of hay that Jacko delivered to Come By Chance farmers cost $50,000) and water whilst providing services for locals like hair cuts, pamper, rides for the kids and a free ‘feed’. In the midst of devastation it’s amazing the joy this kind of festival brings to individuals, families and the community. We are looking to do up to 20 Days of Hope between November 2019 and June 2020. 

If you would like to contribute financially and/ or partner with Convoy and participate in one of these Days of Hope, contact the team here and give here. Click Link

 A. To contribute financially 

B. To help facilitate a One Day of Hope 

This is our nation. Your care and contribution will make a huge difference to individuals and communities. Thank You. 

Let’s love our drought ravaged nation back to life.

Until All Have Heard

Joel & Julia A’Bell

Joel & Julia A'Bell